Try Hard

Now that the Republicans are chronologically required to nominate someone who doesn’t remember Pearl Harbor, Tom Brokaw is out of his analogy comfort-zone:

[Rick Santorum] is “like a character in a Bruce Willis movie. He just knows how to stay alive. He’s running through the jungle, fighting back, shooting from the hip, takes a lot of hits, stays angry the entire time, and he is giving a voice to a lot of people out there whose lives have been completely upended.””

Yeah, nobody kicks hypothetical ass like a guy with a penchant for bodily fluids and sweater-vests.

He meant ‘Die Hard‘ I think, but with Santorum I think the “The Sixth Sensenow works better.

I’m sure Santorum’s going to keep on running though, why not? There’s still Ohio and he still speaks for some people…especially the people who just want a chance to stick things in pregnant women. And in the GOP that’s a big constituency.

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