Oh blessed right-winger that isn’t so very right-wing

Pic via Talk Radio News Service at flickr.com

There’s nothing our beltway “reasonable men and women” love more than a conservative a-hole they can praise because he (it’s almost always a he) isn’t an EXTREEEEEEEEEEME conservative a-hole.

They are surely the most patriotic concern trolls of all. From Tom Friedman’s infatuation with David Walker; to David Brooks love affair with straw-men in the mythical heartland; to Bob Kerry’s strangely unrequited affair with Bob Kerry — nobody gets favorable media coverage like the self-proclaimed non-moderate moderate [“Nobody puts Bobo in the corner“].

So how could we forget Alan Simpson? He was last seen trying to gut social security while saying something stupid for the sake of maintaining gigantic military spending (not 310 million teats just one gigantic one). All with the blessings of a President who buys into the same nonsense…at best.

He must have missed the limelight some, because he’s back:

“I know Santorum, I served with him,” he said. “He is rigid and a homophobic. He believes that gays and lesbians, he mentioned in an interview in 2003, about bestiality, and gays and lesbians. I think that’s disgusting,” said Simpson.

All true. And Alan Simpson knows disgusting statements. Look for them on his coming round of Sunday chat shows…oh how he misses them.

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