Occupy Littleton: Been underground for so long…..


Greetings, Firedoglake Community!

I haven’t posted here for some time and some days I haven’t even thrown in a comment or two. But not for lack of interest. I’ve been short on time and energy and both these precious commodities seem to be shrinking at an increasing rate since I’ve moved into my eighth decade of life.

On the Sunday afternoon of January 8th, a small group of concerned people, most of whom had been working with Occupy Denver, ten miles to the north, met in the basement of our local public library. It was the first General Assembly of Occupy Littleton …. and we had a reporter present; Kelsey Whipple who writes a blog for Denver’s alternative newspaper, Westword. Here’s what she had to say about our suburban Occupy.

Since that Sunday, Occupy Littleton has expanded. We are now a small group of dedicated Occupiers, who have: developed a website, Occupy Littleton; expanded our Facebook coverage; formed Communications, Media and Non-violence Working Groups; and set up a Yahoo group for our internal communications.

We coordinate with and support Occupy Denver, attending their weekly teach-ins, like the Occupy Economics series given by Chad Kautzer of CU Denver. [cont’d.]