Finally bipartisanship

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We may live in a world where nothing gets done in Congress, but thank goodness Republicans are not so intransigent and will be bipartisan about the really important stuff:

On Thursday, a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers directed the federal government to deploy radical new powers to enforce and protect copyrights on pornography…

The vote came during a hearing to modify the text Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, a bill which gives filmmakers and the federal government the ability to shutdown entire websites that they claim are involved in piracy — without a trial or even a traditional hearing.

No trial or hearing…how completely antithetical to the values we used to love just over a decade ago.

Meanwhile, they cannot get Republicans to allow advancements on light bulbs…Republicans even hate the traditional representation of a good idea.

But “Big Porn”, well what could be more American than a money shot?

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