Late Night FDL: Pity the Rich

They’ve got it so rough:

Representatives of the¬†Service Employees International Union’s Local 1released a video last week of a recent Occupy Chicago solidarity demonstration where participants solicited donations for “the rich” in front of the Chicago Board of Trade.


During the demonstration, participants dressed in Santa hats and festive holiday attire sang Christmas carols with lyrics altered to reflect their concerns about wealth distribution and the need for job creation. Baskets collected tongue-in-cheek donations that emphasized wide income gaps in the city.

I would like to offer my futon to any trader who needs a place to crash tonight. I’ve had the mattress since college, but at least it’s a warm bed out of the cold. The accommodations might not be quite what you’re used to; between guests we mainly eat apples and peanut butter, and there’s only one ¬†bathroom, and the paint is peeling in the living room. As for entertainment, the crack house across the street hasn’t been the same since somebody tried to turn the front porch into a drive-thru, and the creepy family of mostly teenagers in the alley has moved out. But at least you won’t be suffering from the elements, or living in your Audi.

The Chicago Board of Trade deserves the ridicule of the Occupiers; when I was down at the Occupy site there a few weeks ago, every five minutes some knob would emerge and engage a 90-pound protester in epic whine-age about how he worked hard and got up at 5 a.m. and did stuff every day.

I keep saying over at my home base that I don’t, actually, have anything against you making money and going home and enjoying your in-ground pool or your Lexus or whatever. Just don’t come to me and bitch about tough things are for you and ask for another tax cut. That’s all I ask. Just go home, roll around in your pile of money like Scrooge McDuck, and refrain from requesting my sympathy in the New York Times about how you had to sell your second boat or your fourth house because Obama is mean.



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