Mitt Romney is apparently okay with DADT repeal

I’m not sure this is going to be very helpful if he’s trying to earn respect from the GOP base. Most of these people have spent debate after debate telling us why the policy is so bad and why they would immediately reverse it. And they can – the law is gone and the policy is administrative now, so any president can issue an executive order banning open service again. You’d think that he’d continue to capitalize on the fear of gay people staring at showering soldiers at least until the general election.

“How do you feel about gays serving openly in the military,” Romney answered: “That’s already occurred and I’m not planning on reversing that at this stage.”

“But you’re comfortable with it?”

“Um, I was not comfortable making the change during a period of conflict, by virtue of the complicating features of a new program in the middle of two wars going on, but those wars are winding down and moving in that direction at this stage no longer presents that problem.”

It’s strange to me because it’s kind of a twofer – not only does he seem to be okay with the repeal, but he seems to accept that the wars will be over. This has been another thing the GOP base wants – to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan forever and ever until they can declare Mission Accomplished (probably six or more years before the mission is accomplished) while torturing more people until they “admit” that Iran is an imminent threat or something.

But hey, whatever works for the guy. In a couple days (or an hour or less, probably) his position will probably be different. But, okay then.