So, the usual schtick

Right-wing conservatives can be hypocritics, idiots, torturers and perpetual war-mongers running for higher office just to set themselves up on life’s grand buffet tour.

But for the Left it always comes down to being dirty fucking hippies, the media — even those mocking the media — can portray them no other way.

As Digby noted it has usually been that way, May 1970:

“Who do you think was primarily responsible for the deaths of four students at Kent State University?”

Eleven per cent placed responsibility on the National Guard, 31 per cent expressed no opinion, and 58 per cent put the blame on demonstrating students.

If another Kent State happened now FoxNews would make it into the greatest patriotic moment in history then they would move on to decrying whoever in the Islamic world is the protest crushing Monster of the Day.

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