Morning Mea Cuppa from OccupyStarbucks

#Occupy Starbucks Day 27 (photo: mightykenny)

Just filling in today.

Italy’s borrowing costs rose to over 7 percent, the level supposedly unsustainable it it stays that way.  Berlusconi promises to resign, but even that won’t fix this.

Greece is still looking for a new leader for the coalition assigned to complete the country’s economic strangulation.

Virginia’s legislature may become all GOP, alla time; results may leave even split.

Dems discover GOP is nuts. Who knew?

Looks like power is returning to the people — via generators at OWS.

If there were no Herman Cain, would there still be a Politico?

The folks on the Super Committee are apparently worried they will be blamed for not doing something stupid. I thought the problem was they were specifically assigned to do something stupid.

Guess the WSJ is still in denial about global climate change.  You’d think Murdoch’s reporters would have hacked scientists emails and found the inconvenient truth by now.

In what’s called a cautious step, the Administration is opening up even more areas for drilling, just in case Nebraska’s quaint concerns about safe water cause the Keystone XL pipeline to delay and we fall behind on our carbon contribution.  Sensible people are dismayed.

Krugman has the best chart of the day, showing why the apologists for America’s income/wealth inequality are acting in bad faith.


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