All Hail the Kleptocracy!

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The media bullhorn given to the plutocrats and Villagers-for-life continues its profitable and responsibility-free call for our destruction. They get to make ALL the money, they get to be the ONLY voice that matters, and they get to pick the targets when we need to bomb yet another country so we don’t get rusty.


And who better than Evan Bayh to emit the dreck?

The Israelis may be able to launch a one off strike on Iran but they don’t have the ability for the kind of sustained bombing campaign that it would really take to degrade their nuclear arsenal. … You’d have to bomb them for several weeks in a row. There’s only one country that has that kind of capability and that’s the United States…We have to ask ourselves, is a nuclear Iran acceptable? If the answer is no, there’s really only one way to keep that from coming about and that’s the use of force.

It really is Evan Bayh’s wondrous legacy that he managed to betray his father’s good works so he could get rich and mainstream John Bolton’s screeds.

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