Foxed Up!

Rupert and James Murdoch via 2Story at
It’s been quite a week of debasement, evasion and reward in Rupert Murdoch’s empire. So these must be days ending in “y”.

First, came the more detailed knowledge of the phone-hacking scandal in the UK. Murdoch’s men had been hacking the phones of police as well as celebrities and crime victims.

Second, evidence came forward that the leaders of Rupert’s UK papers knew of the extent and criminality of phone-hacking well before their claims under oath…specifically fruit of Rup’s loins, James Murdoch.

And to top off at Evil, Inc.’s UK division who got a large bonus? It’s James Murdoch of course.

And now domestically, this story, FoxNews has had one of it’s Obama’s gonna kill us terrorism experts implicated as the inspiration of right-wing domestic terrorism. Something they somehow manage not to mention.

I bet he gets a raise.

In other news, OWS has successfully flexed its muscles in Oakland and the police are not happy about it.

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