Perpetual Employment and Deployment

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In a world where NPR hosts are required to step down if their spouses work for political interests but Supreme Court justices don’t even have to recuse themselves from particular cases, I suppose this is not surprising.

Pat Buchanan keeps his job on MSNBC despite spouting racist claptrap. In fact, Pat still has a fine six (or seven?) figure contract with the cable network despite writing books that have ventured from remaking Hitler to white supremacy. Buchanan’s on a book tour for his book about the good ol’ days of segregation and decided to appear on the talk show “The Political Cesspool” — and a fine example of tolerance it is.

Why look at the advertisers (feel free not to, drives up traffic):

“Lighthouse literature: A bright light for the white right”

“American Third Position: A political party for White Americans”

“White Apocalypse: Read the Novel that will awaken the West”

That’s the crowd Pat likes to hang with…other than GE executives of course…maybe it’s the same crowd?

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