by Jack Fussell

Boo. Freaking. Hoo.

In a campaign she described as “ugly,” “unkind and unfair,” Anita lauded her husband for saying he made a mistake, and she argued it’s an admission of guilt she doesn’t “know how many other men would admit.”

“It’s already ugly,” she told Parade Magazine with laughter. “It’s so unkind and unfair because you know what? All we want to do is serve our country, fight for freedom, and bring back America, the greatest country in the world.

Wah! Stop saying mean things about my husband!

This, from someone who’s married to a guy who called for secession, accused the newly-elected President Obama of being “hell-bent on socialism,” constantly repeats the lie that the president “apologizes for America,” accepted an endorsement from an unabashed bigot, accused a federal official of treason and threatened him with violence, and once suggested that gays move out of Texas.

Suck it up, Anita. Your husband — and his party — have been dishing out ugly for years.