Only 34% of Post-9/11 Veterans Say Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Were Worth It

From Pew Research

Bunch of defeatist isolationists who don’t believe in American exceptionalism.

Veterans who served on active duty during the post-9/11 era consider themselves more patriotic than other Americans, and most see the military as an efficient and meritocratic institution. They have a more positive view than the general public about the overall worth of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and the tactics the military has used to wage them. Even so, only one-third (34%) of these veterans say that both wars have been worth fighting.

It should be noted that support for the war in Afghanistan among veterans — a war that’s ongoing — is only 50%.

But that only a third think both wars have been worth it is pretty astonishing.

And here’s the depressing part: 100% of the 2012 presidential candidates will say just the opposite.



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