And in about 2014 the NYPD will be paying how much?

Little reported on…except by themselves (and here)…were the arrest of several journalists, including Amy Goodman at the 2008 Republican Convention. Their crime was committing acts of journalism, which is obviously dangerous within a city block of a gathering of the GOP.

Here’s the lovely video to remember it by:

Well in the name of such dangerous First Amendment practitioners, the law enforcement of the Twin Cities of Minnesota and the Secret Service has to pay out a six-figure settlement.

The settlement includes $100,000 in compensation paid by the St. Paul and Minneapolis police departments and the Secret Service. The settlement also includes an agreement by the St. Paul police department to implement a training program aimed at educating officers regarding the First Amendment rights of the press and public with respect to police operations, including proper procedures for dealing with the press covering demonstrations.

Meanwhile the Tea Partiers when not being feted by the cable networks are still demanding justice, or at least a sandwich for Kenny Gladney.

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