Oh, How the Irrelevant Have Fallen

Once Newt Gingrich traveled first-class all the way, thanks to the money he was able to attract as a possible non-running Republican contender, especially in his own mind.

First Class flights weren’t good enough…no they must be chartered.

Campaigning via occasional Sunday morning news program appearances was exhausting, so let’s go on a nice cruise for a few weeks.

And you certainly cannot poll in the single-digits without a little bling.

All these wise political decisions surely showed Newt was qualified as a Republican. How’d that all work out?

A floundering presidential bid has fractured what was once a rock star Republican image. Not long ago, Newt Gingrich sat atop a lucrative political empire, the sought-after intellectual guru of the GOP.

Now, all but broke, he’s traveling coach.

The real tragedy of this is Newt is now depriving non-wealthy people of seat-belt-extenders and complementary bags of four small pretzels.

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