There’s More of Us Non-Rich People All the Time

And not all of us can have 19 children or have the stomach to force one of them into pageants so we can get on Toddlers & Tiaras; and the competition is getting fiercer for those slots:

According to the United Nations Population Fund counters, Halloween will be the approximate date when the 7 billionth human will be born on to our planet

That’s only about 6.5 billion more than when this nation declared Independence and five billion more than were around at the time World War II broke out. I’m sure this is really good for natural resource use and global climate change.

Thank goodness there are so many new proles to support the only people that matter … the really wealthy.

I’m sure as time goes by, nothing bad will ever come of this fact. So why raise the super-rich’s taxes?  All those gated-communities will come with an adequate amount of wall space for lining up against.*


*ooh, class warfare

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