Behold the Republican Secret

pic via monkey_bob99x

Liza/Reagan Impersonator Paul Ryan has now cried havoc and ‘Class War’ on Obama’s plan to make the rich pay taxes (he likes slavery well-enough though). OMG, a modest tax increase on millionaires that reduces the “greatest evil of all time” the deficit…why it’s …it’s….it’s still class warfare. In which case bring it, because it hasn’t been much of a war so far, just panzers driving over us proles.

But within Ryan’s generations old playbook lies a deeper truth in how Republicans get away with it…and not just the unstated one that the talking heads on TV are more than eligible to have their taxes raised…no it is also this:

Who believes they’ll be a millionaire?

About two in 10 Americans do

In reality only 1 in 20 households are millionaires and that is simply in total assets, not income; the latter number is microscopic, but not so small that Jack Welch isn’t considered by cable news to be a “common man”. And as long as there are enough “suckers” buying and “manipulators” selling the Horatio Alger story that will never be, the GOP can keep this Randian myth going.

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