Late Late Night FDL: Goof Gas Attack

Rocky and BullwinkleGoof Gas Attack (part 3).  This Season 4, Episode 4 Jay Ward Productions cartoon first aired (in 8 segments) on December 24, 1963.

Directed by Bill Hurtz, Pete Burness, Ted Parmelee, Lew Keller, Sal Faillace, Gerard Baldwin, and George Singer.  Produced by Jay Ward and Bill Scott, Jay Ward Productions.  Television Production by Peter Piech.  Animation Production by Gamma Productions, Bud Gourley, Producer.  Executive Producer:  Ponsonby Britt O.B.E.  Story by Marshall Guilmete, Chris Hayward, Lloyd Turner, Chris Jenkyns, George Atkins, and Al Burns.  Animation Studio:  Gamma Productions.  Additional animation by Sam Clayberger, Adrienne Diamond, Art Diamond, Roy Morita, Al Shean, Shirley Silvey, and Barbara Baldwin.  Editing by Skip Craig and Roger Donley.  Voices by Bill Scott (Bullwinkle J. Moose, Two Professors, Doctor’s Aide), June Foray (Rocket J. Squirrel), Paul Frees (Janitor, Armbruster, Hotchkiss, Doctor, Detective), and William Conrad (Narrator).  Music by Sheldon Allman.  Theme Song by Frank Comstock.  Additional Music by Dennis Farnon and George Steiner.

Grab your popcorn, put your feet up on the coffee table, and try to keep the spitballs off the screen please.  This is Late Late Night FireDogLake, where off topic is the topic … so dive in.  What’s on your mind?

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