Winner of the Dick Cheney Collective Shrug Award

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Another glorious story of the collective war on a noun:

A Libyan rebel leader who was rendered to Tripoli with the assistance of MI6 said on Monday that he had told British intelligence officers he was being tortured but they did nothing to help him…

[Abdul Hakim] Belhaj was captured by CIA officers, in co-operation with Thai authorities, inside Bangkok airport. He says he was tortured at a site in the airport grounds and then sent to Libya, where Gaddafi had long seen him as one of the biggest threats to his tyrannical four-decade rule.

This was all part of the Bush Administration’s loudly trumpeted “victory” against global terror by getting Gaddafi to give up his non-existent WMD program in return for being treated like an eccentric ally to the United States and avoiding all those nasty lawsuits.

Like all Bush Administration foreign policy, this attempt to fight reality had the results you would expect.

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