Tack Righter

pic via mikenitro at flickr.com

I go out of my way to ignore FoxNews. But my father is visiting me and well, he’s also suffering from a bad cold and watching hour after hour of FoxNews drones seems to be his cup of tea (as opposed to actually y’know drinking tea when you’re sick, that’s Republican logic for ya’).  I spent most of the morning at my office working so it may not have been a continuous thing, but every time I passed by the TV yesterday afternoon there was some GOP talking head or Eric Cantor talking about Obama implementing “job destroying regulations.” Why it is almost as if they decided on a theme together!


Why this sudden tactic?


The White House appears to have achieved one of its primary goals following the debt ceiling deal, with congressional Republicans showing little interest in extending budget fights through the fall.

Somebody…not the White House…can read polling. Meanwhile, “leadership” to the Administration continues to mean only criticizing your base, not the ostensible opponent America wants you to confront.

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