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The storm has passed, it’s sunny outside and aside from one big tree that fell into the street, there was very little damage in my neighborhood.  But during the time we braced for Irene, I got to catch my breath from a very active week and exchange emails with my fellow members of the Tar Sands 65 as well as the FDL members I called this week.  So when I read Ryan’s post from yesterday, it hit home:

It’s funny, I talk more and more with members each day, I do feel like I am part of an army. An army that may not all think the same way, but all are in it for the same common good.

I was talking to one of our membership engagement team members (MET), our pilot volunteer program, this afternoon. He said that he had a wonderful conversation with someone when calling to thank a member for joining. They talked, exchanged emails, and are at the beginning of what could be a great friendship. It is really heartwarming, exciting, and rewarding to hear stories like that and know that I helped in some way to orchestrate it.

As our political and economic climate grows more acute, it feels like the bonds among us grow stronger as we come together to search for answers.  People who may not have been activists last year or even last month are feeling the need to get involved, to ask questions and explore new solutions.  Over the course of the last week I’ve had amazing conversations with members as we talk about the skills they possess and the ideas they have for how we could do things differently or better.  Architects, librarians, lawyers, teachers, programmers and doctors.  People who were unemployed or “downsized” or retired or laid off.  People who may not be able to donate, but want to volunteer their time and work with others who share their values, and find ways to make their collective energy and commitment have an impact.

I am so excited about the opportunities that the membership program is offering to us.  It’s providing a conduit to talk with each other directly, to get together in regular town hall webinars where we share ideas, discuss our concerns and learn together. And now it’s entering its next phase, where members join together in working groups that they manage, organize and drive.

If that sounds exciting to you, and you are not yet a member, please JOIN NOW.  We need your energy, your enthusiasm, your ideas and your passion.

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