The situation may be fluid

But I don’t remember that many “arrested” people showing up at a hotel to discuss their lack of being arrested. But then again, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is just the son of a ruthless dictator actively engaged in a shooting war, as opposed to a civil protester exercising their First Amendments right to protest governmental policies in the “Land of the Free,” those people get locked up post-haste.

The BBC and CNN quoted him as telling reporters that government forces had lured the rebels into a trap and “broken the back” of the opposition army and that pro-Gaddafi forces are back in control of the city.

The confusion made the assertion impossible to confirm, but with gunfire and explosions echoing ominously through the streets and Gaddafi’s whereabouts still unknown, it was clear that the capital was far from secure.

It’s very hard to determined right now how much of anyone’s statement from any side of the Libya fight is accurate or a preposterous lie, but this seems like about 3 Baghdad Bob’s out of 5.

This situation will undoubtedly get resolved relatively soon (give or take a decade) so our oil companies can commence a new round of exploitation for “freedom.”

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