Never mind why…

The question of “why?” was not allowed be asked in Great Britain earlier this month when an instance of police violence eventually prompted widespread rioting across the country’s largest cities.

For example:

Here’s what was reported shortly thereafter, but not even “dared” to be considered in relationship to rioting:

The increase in unemployment appears to have been most concentrated among the young, with unemployment among 18 to 24-year-olds increasing to 18% in Q2, from 17.7% in Q1

That’s well more than double the unemployment rate in the UK as a whole (but not as high as the rate in this country USA! USA! USA!).

But like a good modern ‘Villagers’ everywhere the problem immediately became ‘young people are not taught about respect or coddled’ and other fascistic-sounding nonsense, leading to this:

The tough sentencing in the aftermath of the riots has led to outbreaks of unrest in prisons across the country, as new research for The Independent on Sunday reveals that the courts’ approach to riot-related offences has piled millions of pounds on to the bill for running overcrowded prisons.

Ah yes, as ever the solution to government and societal problems is not to look for causes or ways to correct them, it is to SPEND MORE MONEY ON THE JAILS! (but not as much as this country USA! USA! USA!)


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