Call Me Captain Renault

I for one, am again very, very, disappointed — one might say “Shocked” at the behavior of Rupert Murdoch and the fruit of his loins.

It turns out that the very man at the heart of the hacking scandal, Clive Goodman, contrary to the testimony of Rupert and James Murdoch (and Rebekah Brooks) stated in his resignation letter of four years ago that phone hacking was long the talk of the editors.

But that’s not all, Rupert and James hung their lawyers out to dry before Parliament last month, saying they had reviewed their operation to make sure it was behaving properly and given them a clean bill of health.

Uh, not quite, you aussie douchebag, not quite:

the parliamentary panel released a letter from Harbottle & Lewis, a law firm hired by the Murdochs, which they have repeatedly cited as having given the News of the World a “clean bill of health” in reviewing a cache of e-mails in 2007. The law firm’s letter contradicts that assertion and says that its own investigation had been limited strictly to advising the company in its employment dispute with Mr. Goodman.

And hey, nice redacting too.

Not that anybody of any wealth and power is going to go to jail…that sort of thing is so many Leona Helmsleys ago.

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