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Remains of Temples in Pergamon, Turkey (places to go, things to do)

This being the last month of summer, for which those of us suffering under the Heat Dome are very grateful, did you do any traveling during the vacation?   As some of you already know, I’m going for a trip in the fall, and mostly stayed home for the summer, which was not a great choice.  It’s been insufferable, and all my work projects outside had to be cancelled along with my lawn.

When we talked about Habitat for Humanity building trips a couple of weeks back, I was surprised by one comment that really discounted any benefit to travel, in and for itself.   That’s something I don’t share, but then my background is one of extensive trips.  I love visiting new countries and meeting people from different societies.

My first trip was relocating to Okinawa, when I was a toddler, which probably has always colored my character.   There is a charm, and desirable exposure to new things, associated with foreign lands and peoples for me.   When occasionally I encounter my opposite, the people who stay home and dread anything foreign, I’m puzzled – and hope they’ll get to learn that they’re missing something enjoyable and start adventuring a bit more.   I suppose the most astonishing people I’ve encountered were suburban Washington, D.C., neighbors who never went in to visit the capitol.

What have your favorite trips been, and did you learn things that worked well for you?   Did your family go on trips for vacations, and did you visit places you wanted to go back to?

The puzzle I’m working on in my coming travels, which will take me near Eastern Europe, is if I am going there or to Greece, nearby.   So far I’ve left it open, and think I should decide when I get there.   Have any of you been to the area, got any favorites, suggestions or recommendations?

It’s only recently occurred to me that since the Iron Curtain isn’t there anymore, travel to places like Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, something I never have done, would be possible.

It’s more foreign to me than our European heritage, and that appeals to me a lot.  Would you go to Eastern Europe, or choose Greece?

Lastly, did you stay home and suffer from the heat, and if so, how did you handle it?  I watered the veggie garden, and the trees to keep them alive, and let the lawn die off.

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