last minute Desperate Duopolist Deception/Sell-out to Raise Debt Ceiling

Reports of a ‘deal’ of duopolist democrats and repugnants surfaced, at a desperately too-late hour with about 50 hours until the children in Washington DC voted in favor of raising the debt ceiling ‘deal’ that refused to end militarist spending and to fund domestic programs – making any rise in the debt ceiling unnecessary- answering their bilderberg handlers instruction to consolidate obscene more wealth for the 400 ruling oligarchs, spinning multiple and ever more profound collapse for 99.5% of the us and world populace.

What’s Driving Public Debt? Tax Cuts, Wars Account For Nearly Half Of Public Debt By 2019

The [purported] Budget deal (as outlined by a cloaked facebook user posting with a persona: ‘Backdoor Draft’):
1) Seniors are safe 95% and future Seniors are 90% safe
2) Defense will be cut at 18% per year
3) Bush tax cuts will expire automatically and taxes will go back to Clinton years.HIGHer rates
4) Subsidies to oils and farms are open to be cut or eliminated
5) Educational grants and reeducation or retraining programs face 20% cuts

Obama has trotted out, at the last minute, a false deal that raids Social Security – read caves to the Repugnicans – for his six wars, endless militarist spending, his billionaire unjust enrichment welfare program – to justify raising the nation debt ceiling to over 16 trillion dollars through 2013. The built-in defensive spending triggers are not serious and will not take effect. The lack of accountability shows an Insidious facism that completely blurs any separation between government and corporatist enterprise.

Uh. More wealth polarization and social collapse result from their Executive-Legislative deal. Before this latest sham raising the debt ceiling, 80% of us population possess only 7% of the total financial wealth. 40 cents of every tax dollar goes to pay on the debt, the other 50 cents goes to militarist adventurism, leaving 10 cents on every taxpayer dollars for actual programs.

For the immediate past thirty years and counting the democrat has allowed the repugnant (1/2 the duopoly also known as ‘Republicans’) spend until the cows come home and be blamed for it. This ‘willful blindness’ political theatre duopolist instruction is given by the illuminati for the simple purpose to enslave. It worked. People have the right to overturn these inequities. Will we? Or accept the illuminat-order enslavement/Mass extinction Agenda 21 symbiosis with Climate Disruption of the bankster doing.

Our Revolutionary Communities Response:

the People’s budget deal:

1) Seniors are safe 105% and future Seniors are 105% safe
2) Militarist spending will be cut at 40% per year until 8% of current spending
3) Bush tax cuts will expire automatically and taxes will return to top marginal corporate tax rate under Eisenhower (52%)
4) Subsidies to oils and agribusiness are eliminated
5) Educational grants and reeducation or retraining programs 50% increases
6) a Green jobs New Deal for everyone who wants a job, k-post-doc education, and Quality of Life watershed revitalization

If the Faustian bargain is negotiated to continue endless war and tax cuts on upper income brackets, while raiding Social Security – mostly benefitting the elderly, a self-supporting, not-contributing-to-the-tax-burden program, we fire Congress by having an us summer of revolution encircling the Capitol for as long it takes for the People’s Demand to be Met: no one leaves until they resign.

Shut Down the rapacious us war machine and bankster illuminati! shut down all gas-oil-coal-nuclear power and gmos! the world Peoples’ Permanent Revolution General Strike!