Murdoch’s hacking and bribing — IT’S ALL THE LIBERALS FAULT!

But of course, get ready for this argument to make it across the ocean even faster than the next resignation and/or arrest of a Murdoch employee.

Telegraph columnist Janet Daly opines that the left is just going after Murdoch to make conservatives shut up.

The Left does not want a debate or an open market in ideas. It wants to extirpate its opponents – to remove them from the field. It actually seems to believe that it is justified in snuffing out any possibility of our arguments reaching the impressionable masses

Yes, that must be why people are being arrested at a rapid pace in the UK — because otherwise it would be perfectly legitimate to hack phones, blackmail victims, and bribe the police, to say otherwise is liberal whining. Oh, we liberals refusing to live in a Hobbesian Paradise!

I guess that works better than the last FoxNews strategy on dealing with the issue in June.

And that, as they say, was that.

Hobbesian paradises just fine for Fred Hiatt though, no different than the Wall Street Journal, only at least the latter has literally sold everything including its soul to Murdoch already.

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