This story, it seems “familiar”

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Someday some American leader will actually anticipate something. Someday.

The man who murdered President Hamid Karzai’s half brother spent years as an ally of the United States in the war against the Taliban.

The killer, Sardar Mohammad, a police commander, met on several occasions with U.S. and British military officials, shared intelligence with Americans and played a part in Afghan arrests of scores of Taliban fighters, according to three relatives interviewed on Thursday in his home near Kandahar…

But one of Karzai’s brothers and a senior Afghan official said they were now convinced that the Taliban somehow won Mohammad’s allegiance in recent months and convinced him to carry out an assassination on the group’s behalf.

When has this ever happened before in this part of the world, other than pretty much every time? We and our policies of reflexive unthinking unconditional support of one country and bombing and/or occupying a fair share of the other countries in the region seems like such a clear path for consistent and unwavering popularity?

Better have a Predator drone fire off another missile to make us feel better.

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