Finally, a Character Witness

"Ha Ha!" pic by 38degrees at
After days of being pilloried, just because he oversaw a corporate culture that thought it was just fine to listen in on private voice mails of murdered children, Rupert Murdoch is finally defended by a person of appropriate character.

It is unlikely that Mr Murdoch, his son James, or Les Hinton committed crimes (Mr Hinton is a very decent man). Discerning people should not be impressed by the process familiar to me and other victims of it, of hostile media solemnly citing law professors and retired prosecutors and sources who spoke on condition of anonymity (usually tendentious fantasies of the journalists themselves), to comment on the Murdochs’ legal problems.


Conrad Black, aka, soon to again be inmate number 18330-424.

Maybe someday soon Conrad and Rupert can commiserate in adjoining minimum security cells?

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