Libertarian Theme Parks

picture by ktylerconk at

Well it isn’t taking Minnesota’s government shut down long to create a post-apocalyptic world suited for bad Kevin Costner movies or Viking playoff losses:

Vandals went wild at abandoned Minnesota state parks over the holiday weekend, wrecking buildings and driving around closed gates as the government shutdown drags toward its second week.

I can only imagine what the Visogoths will do — oh, that’s right they are already running the Minnesota legislature.

In overseas news that continues to be rather ignored in this country, Rupert Murdoch’s latest abuse gets more outrageous every day:

Scotland Yard is investigating claims that families of members of the armed forces killed in Afghanistan and Iraq have been targeted by Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator who worked for the News of the World.

Murdered children, targeted; terrorist victims, targeted; war casualties, targeted. But leave it to ex-pat jackass Piers Morgan to cry for the real victims, Rupert Murdoch and his cronies.

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