The Worst, gets worse

Apparently in Britain those newspapers that don’t have Murdochian “Page 3 Girls” have the temerity to practice journalism. In addition to hacking the phones of celebrities for years, now extended to missing children, the Murdoch owned News of the World (NOTW) went even further.

* It is suspected that NOTW hacked into the phones of many of the victims of the July 7, 2005 terrorist bombings of the London subway that killed 52 people.

* It is suspected that several families of missing or murdered children over the last several years had their phones hacked by NOTW.

* NOTW placed a police investigator under surveillance as the latter was investigating the murder of a private eye linked to NOTW. Which doesn’t sound at all ominous or the plot of a bad Hollywood thriller (based on a Bill O’Reilly novel).

* The Cameron government, rife with high level officials who worked for Murdoch, is on the verge of approving NewsCorp’s multi-billion dollar takeover of yet another major television network (must be using on all that money Rupert made on Myspace) — the groundswell of opposition is rising, or maybe justĀ  for once being listened to. NOTW is losing advertising revenue from major companies.

* The Guardian’s Steve Bell perfectly summarizes Murdoch and his “British Roger Ailes“, Rebekah Brooks’ claim it is “inconceivable” she knew of all this phone hacking.

Meanwhile, in this country, the matter is still just a blip as the media dictates our outrages at other things — I mean Nancy Grace had built a gibbet for a hanging and everything!

Nobody watches big media’s back in this country better than big media. A policy that has kept Howard Kurtz pay well into the six figures for many a year.

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