Late Night: Jokes vs. Non-Jokes

Continuing on a theme started over at my home base, let’s talk some about this pervasive belief that being a total jerkoff is automatically hilarious because it’s offensive and “un-PC” and other such nonsense.

The following things are not jokes:

Mean statements that don’t make anybody think about anything other than how you’re kind of an asshole.

Stories you told that you thought would be okay to tell because you thought everyone in the room agreed with you already, only to find out that no, they didn’t.

Stuff you didn’t mean to say out loud.

Stuff you didn’t mean to say where anybody would overhear you.

Stuff you said because you were pissed off at somebody else.

Stuff you said to shut somebody up or shame somebody into changing his or her behavior.

None of these things are jokes, so telling somebody pissed off by one of them that the answer is to learn to take a joke doesn’t apply.


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