AARP – Don’t Fork with My Social Security

(image: Dean Mougianis)

I was so disgusted to read today that AARP now supports cutting Social Security benefits that I wrote the following email to them cancelling my membership.


AARP is not the organization that it once was. You no longer even call yourself an Association of Retired Persons and go by just the initials AARP. You have turned into nothing but an insurance company middleman, trying to sell insurance policies to your members.

Today, when I read that AARP has changed its tune and supports cuts to Social Security, well, that was the last straw.

Please cancel my membership IMMEDIATELY. You are no longer the organization that my father and mother were proud members of — I was proud to follow in their footsteps and was eager to join when I turned 50 but AARP’s selling out for a corporate bottom line is too much for me.

I am so looking forward to their response. How much do ya want to bet they will try to sell me an insurance policy when they do reply?

Who wants to join me in burning their AARP card?

Tell AARP:  Hands Off Social Security