Saturday Art: Rememberances and Images

I was watching DemocracyNow the other day and a song got played I hadn’t heard in a long time. And it got me thinking and wandering around in the windmills of my mind.

I love songs (music and poetry art) that tell stories and bring forth images. Just like I like to listen to old time radio shows that provide one the opportunity to have one’s brain create images as contrasted to television and movies that preclude one from forming one’s own images because the image is projected there on the screen for the optic nerves to subvert one’s imagination.

Of course there are video sources that do allow for one’s imagination to ‘hold the reins’ but not like in the heyday of radio.
And then I read a line from a diary by New Progressive Alliance that used the word that got me meandering about how images associated with words evolve over time. Specifically “Sorry but I’m getting off the carnival ride now.”

When I was ‘growing up'(I’m now at the stage of life where I’m ‘growing down’*G*), it was at the tail end of the heyday of carnivals. The few traveling carnivals nowadays are but a shadow of what was once a thriving business and source of wonderment for kids. And how I perceived the word carnival has changed greatly since I was a young boy.

So I decided that today would be the day I wrote a diary using videos to show how the meaning of the word has changed for me and perhaps others.

Yum,Yum !!

Let’s have some fun !!

An example of how the word expanded in it’s meaning to myself:

And more expansion that ‘hails’ back to the earlier carnivals with a great video:

A more contemporary use of the word carnival:

And a great example of what I mean by a song bringing about mental images(love these lyrics !!):

And the song I heard that started this diary off:

Now go have some fun at the carnival !!

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