FDL Movie Night: God Went Surfing with the Devil

God will surf with the devil if the waves are good.

~ Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, who brought the 13 surfboards into Gaza in 2007 for Palestine surfers who were using wind surfing boards with the sails removed and battered surfboards to catch the waves off the coast. Inspired by their dedication, Doc and friends, including one of guests tonight, Matt Olsen, Doc founded Surfing 4 Peace and arranged for 23 more boards, plus clothes, surf wax and gear to be hand delivered to Gaza by American and Israeli surfers.

God Went Surfing with the Devil, directed by Alex Klein documents Surfing 4 Peace’s efforts during the height of a rocket attacks and a siege which has sealed the border for everything but humanitarian aid. Surfboards aren’t considered aid–though Surfing 4 Peace feels differently.

The grassroots peace process begins with individuals, people from both sides of a conflict meeting and discovering common ground. With surfing that common ground is the sea. Surfing 4 Peace’s mission is fraught with danger: Threats of kidnapping, rocket attacks, arrest and confiscation of the boards loom, but the team will not be dissuaded from their mission.

While mainstream media tends to focus on the conflict, God Went Surfing with the Devil focuses on the actual people of the region, and the dangers and difficulties faced by surfers, a microcosm of the affected population who seek to overcome the adversities of conflict through surfing.

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