“Let them eat their own Goodwill Store bootstraps!”

pic via urbiefoto at flickr.com

Fitting that in 2011, the Republicans are branching out from Ayn Rand’s political philosophy to one once attributed to an Austrian in a foreign land (insert Arnold Schwarzenegger joke…or joke about anything involving “insertion” and “Arnold Schwarzenegger”…here)…Marie Antoinette:


Republicans proposed cutting $832 million – or 12 percent – from this year’s budget for the federal nutrition program that provides food for low-income mothers and children…Two analysts from the liberal research and advocacy group Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Zoe Neuberger and Robert Greenstein, said Monday that the cuts could mean turning away as many as 475,000 people from the Women, Infants and Children program if food prices continue to rise.

Let them eat, uh, nothing!

Although, you have to admit it’s not like poor infants and children are going to vote for John Boehner, let alone donate to him, anyway. He saves his tears for those who can afford to play in his foursome.

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