Oh, the things you learn over at Teh Corner! We are schooled for example in the intricate diplomatic protocols of correct deference involved when the leaders of foreign client nations greet the democratically elected President of the United States: Benjamin Netanyahu. (See also. Hehs and indeeds for all!)

Occasionally also you get the accidental dropping of truth, decorating the site like a white pigeon turd on a poo-brown statue:

Republicans say it is important, above all else, to rein in federal government spending. But the risk with excessive spending is not that government will literally become unaffordable or that we will be unable to service our debts. The United States has tremendous available fiscal capacity, as demonstrated by significantly higher tax burdens in most other first-world countries. The real risk of elevated spending is that we’ll adopt a permanently higher level of taxation.

“Please stop believing our own bullshit, people! The only reason our party exists is to keep rich people from having to pay their taxes. Christ!”

But the sparkliest gem is revealed when the conversation comes around to homelier topics, like why wives shouldn’t bitch because they do all the housework, and their husbands do not:

A new study has confirmed the stereotype that women do more around the house. In fact, the lead author of the study, Darby Saxbe, reported that wives typically do around twice as much housework as their husbands….

However, don’t go burn your bra on the front yard — your husband will only ask you to mulch around the begonias while you’re out there. Instead, take a moment to answer some perspective-enhancing questions.

Do you have running water? Clothes you didn’t sew? A refrigerator that doesn’t run on hand-hewn ice blocks? A vacuum cleaner? A dishwasher, microwave, air conditioning? Did you spend less then three days ironing this week?….

Ladies, let’s don’t let this ridiculous, unnecessary study send us into finger-wagging resentment. Rather, let’s celebrate the fact that we have it so much better than moms who came before us — thanks in large part to inventions made . . . by men.

I read this post out to my own wife, who responded: “I’m what Molly Ivins used to call ‘whomperjawed.’”

There’s been some regrettable snark about this particular post circulating about. But this is mean-spirited.

Respect the noble sacrifice of the poor Kathryn Jean Lopez, for instance, who doesn’t even have anyone whose toilet needs swabbing, but nevertheless, one assumes, regularly prays “oh God oh God sweet Jesus oh God” as she enjoys the benefits of an appliance invented by men.

…. I mean, of course, Blu-Ray, so she can watch The Passion of the Christ over and over.

Gracious yes, that is what I meant, dirtyminds.