So, anything at all Cathartic happen last night?

Anything at all?

Is there a long-form document that is going to be demanded in some manner?

One piece of information, per Josh Marshall, that hearkens back to the failed mission in Iran in 1980 — but this time worked out differently:

The entire operation took roughly 40 minutes. There was no advance notification to any Pakistani authorities. US forces used two helicopters in the operation. And one of the two apparently went down due to mechanical difficulties during the operation, though without casualties. The special operations forces destroyed the helicopter.

The key thing is that bin Laden was living in a very big, fortified compound. The compound had no phone connection and no Internet connection. And that apparently was one of the many facts that initially led US intelligence to think bin Laden really might be there.

You can literally follow the events as they happened from one twitterer in Abbottabad, Pakistan (home of that nation’s military academy, seriously there needs to be an explanation from Pakistan’s government on that one) who had no idea at the time.

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