Late Late Night FDL: Pink Aye

The Pink PantherPink Aye.  This DePatie-Freleng cartoon was released on May 16, 1974.

Directed by Gerry Chiniquy.  Produced by David H. DePatie and Isadore Freleng (as Friz Freleng).  Written by John W. Dunn. Animation by Reuben Timmins, Norm McCabe, Ken Muse, and John Freeman. Layouts by Owen Fitzgerald.  Backgrounds by Richard H. Thomas.  Edited by Bob Gillis.  Camera operated by John Burton, Jr.  In Charge of Production: Lee Gunther.  Music by Walter Greene.  Pink Panther Theme Song by Henry Mancini.

Grab your popcorn, put your feet up on the seatback in front of ya, and aim your spitballs at the ushers please. This is Late Late Night FireDogLake, where off topic is the topic … so dive in. What’s on your mind?

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