Late Late Night FDL: Foney Fables

Foney Fables.  This Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon was released on August 1, 1942.

Directed by Friz Freleng (as I. Freleng).  Produced by Leon Schlesinger.  Story by Michael Maltese.  Animation by Richard Bickenbach, Gerry Chiniquy (uncredited), Manuel Perez (uncredited), and Gil Turner (uncredited).  Layouts by Owen Fitzgerald (uncredited).  Film Editing and Sound Effects Editing by Treg Brown (uncredited).  Voices (in alphabetical order) by Sara Berner (Mother -uncredited); Mel Blanc (Prince, Tom Thumb, Giant, Goose, Baby, Grasshopper, Ant, Aladdin, Boy who cried Wolf, and Dog – uncredited); and Frank Graham (Narrator and Wolf – uncredited).  Original Music by Carl W. Stalling (uncredited).  Musical Direction by Carl W. Stalling.  Orchestration by Milt Franklyn (uncredited).

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