CO: Civil Unions bill dies in committee

After 8 and a half hours of heart felt testimony, SB 172 failed on a party line vote.

Final vote:

Sonnenberg (R-65): No
Kagan (D-3): Yes
Nikkel (R-49): No
Lee (D-18): Yes
Levy (D-13): Yes
Barker (R-17): No
Gardner (R-21): No
Duran (D-5): Yes
Ryden (D-36): Yes
DelGrosso (R-51): No
Waller (R-15): No


I'm happy to say, my own Colorado Springs Rep. Lee vote in favor of the bill, as did my Senator. Based on some final comments at the close of the committee, it sounds like the Dems may try to bring it to a vote on the floor anyway.

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