Oh he fits right in

Trump clicking jackboots at CPAC from Gage Skidmore at flickr.com


…he doubts the two 1961 newspaper clippings announcing the birth of Obama, because he’s “seen fraud” before…

In fact, he dispenses fraud with hilarious avidity:

Donald Trump made headlines earlier today when he provided what he said was a copy of his birth certificate — but a quick check reveals it’s actually not

It is actually that ceremonial certificate hospitals give out (or used to) for as a memento for you giving them lots of cash.

So, the latest birther (why not join 51% of the GOP base?) does not even know what a birth certificate is. Neither unsurprisingly does the group that accepted it as legit…Newsmax, the right-wing performance artists who drive the birther train.

Just another reason that the guy with the world’s most ridiculous comb-over and who lives by the myth he’s a self-made man (who just happened to inherit hundreds of millions from daddy) shouldn’t push fraud allegations.

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