Why so shocked?

Newt Gingrich in his own created alternative universe via Liz_Link at flickr.com

It is nice to see Newt Gingrich called out for violating the commonly-agreed upon rules of acceptable flip-floppery. But really what is the surprise? The guy’s life is one unending series of flip flops. From calling out a guy for cheating on his wife while cheating on the wife he cheated on his first wife with; from getting a Speaker to resign for generating perks…only to later resign as Speaker in large part for generating perks for himself. The guy doesn’t just write dreadful alternative histories, he lives dreadful alternative histories.

I wonder, he keeps saying how sick America is, while simultaneously proclaiming his flesh is weak against her purple mountains and amber waves of grain*. When is he going to dump her for another country already?

*prose-style lifted from the literary works of Newt Gingrich.

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