“C Street” near Lake Mendota

It is good to know that even as they act against the interests of the public, whether in Washington or locally, Republicans are still good for comic-relief.

Take Tea-Party favorite Wisconsin State Senator Randy Hopper, shown here hanging out with the usual right-wingers at a rally lightly attended  but heavily covered. He’s a real loyal ally of Scott Walker and truly fits the modern mold of the Republican Party.

Protesters who marched at the home of Wisconsin state senator Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) were met with something of a surprise on Saturday. Mrs. Hopper appeared at the door and informed them that Sen. Hopper was no longer in residence at this address, but now lives in Madison, WI with his 25-year-old mistress.

The mistress, naturally is currently employed as a lobbyist for right-wing advocacy group.

But there is good news to go with the hilarious news.

When asked if they would vote for Hopper or someone else if a recall election were held right now, 54 percent said they’d vote for someone else, versus only 43 percent they’d vote for Hopper.

Now leading the recall…Mrs. Randy Hopper.

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