What would Pinochet do?

pic via Xavier Zarra at flickr.com
I have not been under the impression that we elected Salvador Allende lately, but that doesn’t mean many Republicans are giving up on a series of military men on a white horse, or to put it more in modern context the ‘military-industrial complex':

Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are teaming up with Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee to write legislation that would take decisions about trying detainees out of the attorney general’s hands and hand that power to the secretary of defense.

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Ooh, how lovely, and by that I mean, how awesomely anti-American. Maybe eventually we can do this with Union leaders and Democrats too? After all its not like they’re important, if they were they’d be on the Sunday chat shows more often…like McCain and Graham.

Remember, its not about unraveling a republic, its just about efficiency (and making accused people stand around naked, or worse), the fact it undermines our traditional notions of justice is just a bonus for them.

To contribute to the type of organization that both Augusto Pinochet AND John McCain opposed when they were fighting against Jose de San Martin together, look here.

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