And now for Plan 9

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In the past few days the GOP State Senators of Wisconsin have tried several different tactics to get their Democratic colleagues to return.

They’ve tried tricking them, which failed. They tried arresting them, it failed. They planted ringers, failed. The tried reassigning their staffers, failed. They then tried to deprive them of pay, again failure. And finally, the Republicans voted to hold them in contempt; sure it also failed, but at least the Republicans got to hold someone else in contempt for a change.

What will they try next?

Since the police won’t cooperate, is Scott Walker preparing Wisconsin National Guard Special Ops to infiltrate the Holiday Inn off of I-94 near Rockford? Will the GOP threaten to rename the Capitol, “McCarthy”?  Will they hold a gun to a badger’s head (not a good idea by the way).

Whatever it is, just keep it up, it’s working great.

And when will some Democrats, say in the Nation’s Capitol, show the same commitment as those avoiding Madison?

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