Tragedy upon Tragedy

Christchurch Cathedral as it was via tkw954 at
That is Christchurch Cathedral before the latest earthquake that struck overnight. Here is how it is looking now. At this point at least 65 have died.

Meanwhile, in Libya, it is even worse:

Human Rights Watch reported that at least 223 people had been killed in three days, not including the deaths on Monday. There were no immediate accounts of the Monday toll.

Monday’s toll was undoubtedly bad considering:

Two Libyan fighter jets landed in Malta on Monday. The pilots reported that they had been ordered to bomb Libya’s second-largest city, Benghazi, the cradle of the six-day-old uprising. But the pilots chose to defect instead.

It seems like only yesterday…because it virtually was, that our last President was bragging about normalizing relations with Gaddafi’s regime. His unblemished record continues.

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