Late Late Night FDL: Los Angeles

SugarcultLos Angeles — set to video of landing at LAX International Airport via the SADDE Six Arrival, as viewed from the cockpit.  From the YouTube page:

It was an amazing night and the combination of the Sadde Six approach, the sunset, the visibility, an empty aircraft (maintenance ferry), and ATC vectoring us down to 2,500 feet all worked together.
The video is sped up to somewhere between Mach 1 and Mach 2 (depending on actual airspeed about 8X). The original idea was to a) compress a 30 minute approach into three minutes; and b) to see what it would look like if you you were riding on the back of a cruise missile. There will also some minor timing issues to get it to “fit” with the song.

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h/t Spocko

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