Now his concern trolling belongs to the World

Determined to become irrelevant in all cultures, noted social critic and military strategist Richard Cohen has decided to critique political movements overseas.

The dream of a democratic Egypt is sure to produce a nightmare.

Egypt’s problems are immense. It has a population it cannot support, a standard of living that is stagnant and a self-image as leader of the (Sunni) Arab world that does not, really, correspond to reality. It also lacks the civic and political institutions that are necessary for democracy. The next Egyptian government – or the one after – might well be composed of Islamists. In that case, the peace with Israel will be abrogated and the mob currently in the streets will roar its approval.

My take on all this is relentlessly gloomy. I care about Israel. I care about Egypt, too, but its survival is hardly at stake.

Screw Egypt’s people, it will still be a place on the map! If you can’t bomb ’em, what’s the point?

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