Pictured: the staff of Commentary Magazine protests outside the White House. (by Cubiyanqui)

Aside from the extremely popular “the protests in Cairo prove George W. Bush was right to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis” meme, these wingnutty words of wisdom about the civil unrest in our colony the independent nation of Egypt are notable.

1. A really awesome speech Condi Rice gave in 2005 is responsible for the uprising.

2. President Obama better get it right, because he makes lots of money to “manage revolutions” just like this one.

3. The “American left,” including teh Googles, the State Department and labor unions are behind the revolution. (Sorry, Condi).

4. If a “radical jihadist state” emerges in Egypt, it will naturally be all Obama’s fault.

And the wingnuttiest take of all?

Wait for it…

5. Just like Mubarak, Obama will shut off the Internets to destroy the Tea Party, once and for all.